What is the Value Pyramid?

They say location is everything. Well, that's only partly true. Even if you have the best location, and the most amazing property, nothing kills a deal faster than the wrong pricing. Experienced buyers can sniff out poor and unrealistic pricing with only a few figures and in only a few minutes. There is nothing more heartbreaking as a broker than seeing a great and sellable property go nowhere because of seller refusal to adjust pricing. We know the property is a labor of love and we know that emotionally that can carry a value, but if the numbers don't support the price the property will sit. No matter how great a property is, if you don’t have the right representation who is going to be ab

How the SAFE Act affects rent-to-own home sales for mobile home park owners

Selling the homes in your mobile home park to your residents is a goal of many park owners who prefer to go straight to land-lease ownership and eliminate the home maintenance responsibilities. But with the SAFE Act the procedure to do so becomes a little more difficult, but not a barrier. I recently received an email from a client that inspires this topic, and I think all owners considering carrying papers must know about how SAFE affects them. Dear Stephanie, This New Year’s I’m making a resolution to minimize maintenance costs and I think one of the best ways is to sell off our park-owned mobile homes (approximately 10% of homes on-property are park-owned) to current tenants or other buye

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