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Investor Profile: Nicheole Amundsen

When Nicheole Amundsen was a little girl in Idaho her dream was to be a rancher, astronaut, and then Jacques Cousteau. Something within her wanted to seek, discover, and develop new lands, near and far. Little did she know then how those daydream callings would lead her to one day becoming a very successful woman in the field of real estate, and specifically mobile home park investing. She went on to attend the University of Idaho and then graduate school at The University of California, San Francisco. But, Nicheole’s future in real estate only first began as an answer to the taxes she was paying on the stocks she inherited from her grandfather when she signed up for a seminar. Soon she fo

Top 10 MHP Insurance Nightmares (and their solutions!)

Our guest mobile home park insurance expert, Kurt Kelley, President of Mobile Insurance, shares the top 10 insurance nightmares for mobile home parks and their solutions! 10. The lure of attractive nuisances that can lead to injury or death (unsecured pools, trampolines, equipment). Solution: Require management to walk the park every day and enforce policy. 9. Failing to maintain the simple rule of “100% code, 100% of the time” for pools, equipment, fences, toxic material storage, and anything requiring a license or permit. Solution: Resolve to get organized, inspect regularly, keep records, and actually do it. 8. Neglecting stair repairs, the stability of hand-safety railings, and battery r

When an institutional investor is interested in your MHP

I recently met with a MHP owner at a conference who, during a break, chatted me up for some quick opinion on a "big company from up north" who called and asked if he wanted to sell his park. They made a cash offer for the park with some pressure to make a quick decision was unsure what do as he was not considering selling this particular MHP prior to this phone call. His concern is that If he sells the park he will have to pay taxes on it and he would also not be generating income anymore, but on the flip side he would secure a sizable lump sum which could be reinvested. He exclaimed to me that "if this company wants it then my property may be more valuable than I thought!" I’ve seen many

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