Mobile Quarterly Spring 2014 - Hot off the press!

Across the nation, even in my typically steamy city of San Antonio, the sigh of relief that the “polar vortex” is coming to an end is nearly as audible as the breaking of the sound barrier. Flowers can start to pop up along the side of the highway, iconic pink flamingo mobile home park décor can once again stretch wire legs to stand upright, and the stores eagerly stock charcoal briquettes for over-eager grillers longing for warmer Saturday afternoons. And, over here at Mobile Quarterly we have been excitedly preparing for the release of our Vol. 1 No. 2 Spring 2014 issue of our free magazine for mobile home park owners and investors! This issue of Mobile Quarterly is packed full of infor

The Moral of the Deal

I recently caught up with Dan Mulkey, a Senior Broker for Marcus & Millichap’s Manufactured Housing Group in Tampa Florida, and asked him to tell us a few real deal stories about his most artful deals of the past year. Once upon a time... I was working with a lawyer out of Washington, DC who wanted to purchase Florida parks. After much ado we closed a small park in the center of the state. He came back and wanted another deal which I didn’t have due to low inventory for his needs. In conversation I found out he liked to ski in Denver. Using MNet I found a deal in Laramie, WY listed by our Denver office that we were able to sell and close to this buyer. Now he writes off his trips to D

Investing Psychology: What Do You Chase?

Do serious investors care more about RETURNS or more about FUNDING A LIFE of big dreams and worthwhile goals? What do you chase? Once upon a time, as I read to my son from the book “Fifty Famous Stories Retold”, there was a knight who rode valiantly all through the land on his trusty steed doing good things for citizens as his full-time occupation. Soon, everyone began to trust him and pay him generously for his service to others, and all through that time his horse served him faithfully and saved his life on many occasions. Over time his desire to serve became fueled entirely by money and his heart changed. As the knight grew older his horse found himself abandoned on a roadside and le

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