Dodd-Frank...You're FIRED!

At least 5 key factors for commercial real estate investors will be impacted by the Trump Administration. Here are the primary investors con

It's Time to Get Your MHP Online to Fill Vacancies!

If you've been in the wonderful world of mobile home park ownership/investing for any length of time then you are no stranger to the seemingly-simple yet elusive act of filling vacancies. And, while it is true that the most popular type of park to buy today is a value-add property that needs help at some level to live up to its full potential, even value-add properties can get a better sales price and get off the listing faster with some proactive measures in filling vacancies. Now, given that you are experienced you already know all the most popular methods to fill a vacancy, whether that vacancy be an empty park-owned home for rent or a lot that needs a home. So, we will not be reviewing t

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