South Carolina has Most Mobile Homes in the United States

There's no doubt that when it comes to mobile home/manufactured housing living, the Southeast is the reigning king, again! Specifically, South Carolina. Read on for some more interesting location statistics from and some intriguing statistics from 21.5 percent of homes in Lakeland, Florida are mobile. Located in the Tampa Bay region, this Polk County city is the largest between Tampa and Orlando. True to its name, Lakeland mostly comprised of lakes — and some land. With so much space, it’s the perfect place to have a lot to put a mobile home on. Lakeland has over 30 mobile home parks for those looking to settle in one. McAllen is a small Texan town that has a large

A Renaissance for Mobile Home Park Living

Image: from As home prices—and mortgage rates—continue to rise across the nation, the supply of reasonably priced homes has become frighteningly low. It has led more and more buyers to seek out options they may never have considered just a few short years ago. And many experts believe this could be leading us into a golden age for one of housing's can't-get-no-respect categories: manufactured homes. Commonly known as mobile homes or trailers, manufactured homes are already the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the U.S., providing shelter for 1 in 10 households living below the poverty line, according to a recent report by Apartment List, a San Francisco–based r

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