Mobile Home Park Manager is the #1 Job Searched For in USA

Cleaning up old mobile home parks, as all mobile home park investors know, is big business and a hot business. Not only is Ben Carson a big supporter of manufactured housing and the communities that give many an affordable place to live, but as zoning in some areas put a tight squeeze on MHPs the only route of survival (and thriving) is cleaning the place up. It's no wonder that of the top 20 searched for jobs according to research, Mobile Home Park Manager is the #1 searched-for job in the US with an 811% increase in searches since 2016. Good mobile home park managers are essential! As the labor market tightens, it’s drawing out first-time job seekers and those re-entering the wo

Mobile Home Park Giving Residents an Opportunity for Ownership

A mobile home park owner in Vermont is giving current residents the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to take over ownership of their own community instead of selling the property. But, are they ready for the challenge of becoming cooperating commercial real estate operators? Some aren't so sure. Image Source: The Lakeview Mobile Home Park is up for sale, as part of the owner’s plans to transfer the property as a resident-owned cooperative. The 64-unit park, tucked just off Shelburne Road, is home to around 100 residents and has been in the family of Burlington businessman Trey Pecor for three generations. Residents own their homes, and lease the land beneath them. Dale Arango

It's Time To Accept Mobile Homes as a Viable Affordable Housing Solution

The stigma of manufactured (ie. "mobile") homes is tired and as new investors take over and revamp communities to come closer to their former 1950's glory once again, the stigma is increasingly outdated. It's time to stop discriminating against and vilifying mobile home parks and see them for what they truly are: viable, affordable housing with a yard within a community. writes about this very issue. For someone living in Sunnyvale, California, where the proximity to the headquarters of companies like Apple has helped push the cost of an average house to around $2 million, and a one-bedroom apartment now goes for more than $2,700 a month, the cheapest place to move might be a

Myth: Manufactured Homes Don't Appreciate in Value

Gary and Debbie Halvin found an affordable solution 20 years ago when they bought an empty lot in Ralston at a tax auction for $7,100 and installed a $68,000 house manufactured by BonnaVilla Homes of Aurora, Nebraska. “There was some opposition,” said Gary, now retired from packing plants and other Omaha businesses. “They didn’t want any manufactured homes in Ralston.” But after some study and seeing the details of the Halvins’ plans, city officials gave the OK. With two 16-foot-wide sections, a full basement, a two-car garage and landscaping that fits the neighborhood, their home on Seymour Street ended up grander than the usual manufactured home at the time. This spring, the Halvins got a

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