What is the Value Pyramid?

They say location is everything. Well, that's only partly true. Even if you have the best location, and the most amazing property, nothing kills a deal faster than the wrong pricing. Experienced buyers can sniff out poor and unrealistic pricing with only a few figures and in only a few minutes. There is nothing more heartbreaking as a broker than seeing a great and sellable property go nowhere because of seller refusal to adjust pricing. We know the property is a labor of love and we know that emotionally that can carry a value, but if the numbers don't support the price the property will sit. No matter how great a property is, if you don’t have the right representation who is going to be able to accurately value your property knowing the market and knowing the buyers, you aren’t going to have the right interested parties available to even start a negotiation. Time and again, overpricing a property is one of the biggest pitfalls an investor can make when attempting to sell a property resulting in the property sitting in the market far too long and with rapidly waning interest. And, if doing a 1031 Exchange, improperly assessing and valuing your property will set a 1031 up for failure. Our expertise ensures that you have a cushion for negotiation as well as an accurately valued property for an exchange and, therefore, the right, qualified, and truly interested potential buyers to do a great deal with. The truth is, if you overprice your property, it is not likely to be shown. And, consider this: if your overpriced property is being shown, but not sold, maybe it is being used to make other competing listings more attractive!

Because we've been doing this for so long, we have a system that has been proven time and time again with many happy buyers and sellers as a result. What is this system? It is called The Value Pyramid and it is based on a national marketing study to show how hasty and improper pricing detrimentally affects a listing’s potential.

I ask you: do you know your property’s fair market value if I asked you today? If you don't, I can help you. Let the Value Pyramid boost your visibility to the next level.


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