Dear Stephanie: Property evaluation without commitment?

Dear Stephanie,

I’ve never had an evaluation done on my mobile home park, and while I’d like one done I have to admit that I hesitated because I didn’t want to be “sold” anything when I ask for one. But, I feel if I don’t make a commitment on some level then I won’t be able to get a professional evaluation and analysis and I need one. I have no idea what the park is worth as it has been in the family forever, but it might be time to explore other options, soon, as in under thirty-days. So, my question is, how much will your evaluation cost me and do I have to sign on the dotted line to get one?

- Call Me Maybe in Charleston

Dear Call Me Maybe,

You’ve asked the million-dollar question burning on the minds and lips of nearly every investor I’ve encountered, and I’ve got good news: it won’t cost a million dollars. However, I should forewarn you that you should brace yourself anyway for the actual cost and commitment from you if you choose to call me for an in-depth property analysis. But before I get to the cost and commitment on your part I want to show you the extreme value that makes it well worth the request. First, I can give you an in-depth property evaluation, 45 to 65 pages in length, on your property as well as on any property you request. Second, I can give you an evaluation and analysis on as many properties as you are seriously interested in. Third, at Marcus & Millichap our proprietary data analysis software is the top in the nation for real-time data and thoroughness. The turnaround is about ten days and I can deliver it in person, in the mail, or electronically. Additionally, for your property we will update it every year to keep it as fresh as possible. But here is the kicker: we charge NOTHING for this service. It is 100% free, and so are you free to be free because there is no commitment required from you at all. Seriously. Forever. In fact, this question is so hot that the Fall issue of Mobile Quarterly will have a full article dedicated to the details.

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