The Power of Representation: Specialist or Generalist?

May 26, 2014


Is your broker a specialist or a generalist? Maybe some haven't given this much thought, but it could make quite a difference based on your portfolio goals. I consider myself a partner in my clients' growth for the long haul, not just another broker, and my ability to explore the full range of possibilities for their goals is something I strive for each and every day. We all do here at McAnuff Group and Marcus & Millichap. In tougher economic times professionals tend toward generalization, but as the economy gets stronger and more stable specialization becomes a greater and more valued asset, especially when you have specific requirements. Here at McAnuff and Marcus & Millichap we take specialization seriously because we know you take your investments seriously. Would you buy a Mercedes from a Dodge salesman? They might be able to sell you the car but will they know all the ins and outs? That’s how we feel about our specialties, so we focus on those and we minimize your time spent because we have maximized our knowledge. 


What level of specialization does your portfolio require? I'd love to talk with  you about it. 




Image credit: Dave Gray

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