Questioning the Affordability of So-Called Affordable Housing

We've noticed the many press releases coming out in recent months about manufactured housing communities being torn down and replaced by class-A apartments. Sometimes, these communities are literally the last areas of affordable housing for the entire town! Well, this citizen of San Luis Obispo, California had the courage to pen a brief but direct letter to the editor of the San Luis Obispo newspaper, The Tribune, calling on the obvious need for more manufactured housing with very simple and excellent points. Truly, some affordable housing just doesn't make sense, but manufactured housing does.

Image: "Affordable Housing" in San Luis Obispo

On August 28, 2017, Ruth Starr of San Luis Obispo wrote:

We need manufactured homes to create more affordable housing...

All the hype shows new projects (with) affordable housing from $350,000 to $600,000. Excuse me, but when is $340,000 affordable for a working person who doesn’t earn anything like that in a year? Why doesn’t someone put up manufactured homes that can sell in the $100,000 range so workers, young marrieds, etc. can buy a home that is perfectly fine?

All we have are a few mobile home parks in the area, but new manufactured homes would be a boon for this community.

Ruth Starr, San Luis Obispo

We agree, Ruth, nationwide.

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