South Carolina has Most Mobile Homes in the United States

There's no doubt that when it comes to mobile home/manufactured housing living, the Southeast is the reigning king, again! Specifically, South Carolina. Read on for some more interesting location statistics from and some intriguing statistics from

21.5 percent of homes in Lakeland, Florida are mobile. Located in the Tampa Bay region, this Polk County city is the largest between Tampa and Orlando. True to its name, Lakeland mostly comprised of lakes — and some land. With so much space, it’s the perfect place to have a lot to put a mobile home on. Lakeland has over 30 mobile home parks for those looking to settle in one.

McAllen is a small Texan town that has a large percentage of mobile homes – 14.6 to be exact. According to data by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), An estimated 58 percent of all renter households live in single-family homes, duplexes, or mobile homes. The average price for a mobile home in McAllen in 2016 was just over $36,000, making it an affordable alternative to traditional houses. Columbia, South Carolina, the state’s capital, has a mobile home stock of 13 percent. According to data, South Carolina has the most mobile homes per capita than any other state. 12.8 percent of homes in Augusta, Georgia, located close to the South Carolina border, are also mobile homes. The Palmetto State actually makes our list twice, with a mobile home housing stock at 12.6 percent in Greenville, South Carolina.

Mobile Home Advantages
  • Mobile homes are generally more affordable than traditional homes

  • Renters living in a mobile home park usually have a lower rent than what traditional renters pay.

  • Mobile homes are often more energy efficient than traditional homes.

  • Mobile home parks can be situated in nice communities depending on the city.

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